The Most powerful Mediation

An appropriate time to bring this into light, as on November 24th we celebrate Thanksgiving across the United States.  So find a moment and give this a try!  Clear yourself of all the garbage the world has put in your head.  Take a moment to think of nothing but your relaxed breathing.  As you enter a more of a relaxed state think about one thing.  Think about what you have before you on this day.  Think about your possessions as little or abundant. Think about the meals you have enjoyed.  More importantly think about those you really care about or those who really care about you.  Think about your family, pets, friends and those who have really touched your soul.  As you do this, the most important part of you begins to glow.  Your heart, your spirit, your soul, or simply that voice deep inside.  Whatever your religion, whatever your nationality, whatever your skin color, we are all the same.  We are a sparks of light that can form a large glow through the power of our hearts and souls.  Strip away your political beliefs and all of our artificial differences and we are all free.  Kind of like "Forgive us our trespasses".  The Lord's Prayer is an example of proper mediation given to us via Jesus Christ.  It is a very wise meditation of thanks.  It doesn't matter if you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim.  The essence of the prayer connects to the creator and we immediately look at ourselves for being so pleased and thankful for what we do have.  In that moment you realize you do not want harm or infringement on your brethren.  I truly believe if the entire world did this, all problems would dissipate. 

Peace to you all!

Je suis Le Mystique 

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