Magnetic magazine

"Le Mystique are a little bit of everything. Sometimes you hear a little "Mass Production" by Iggy Pop, the song which might actually be the Grandfather of Industrial Music. (?) Other times you hear Peter Murphy. The one thing that all styles Le Mystique attacks have in unison is that voice. Jimmy Dukelow is a torch carrier for and the antithesis of the Post-Modern crooner. While some songs are electronic and others more traditionally bluesy, that voice holds the whole thing together. Check out "The Night" for an electronic candy sample. Then there is "Mystically in Love." That's right. Le Mystique, "Mystically in Love." C' hot is that? Really!! If you aren't afraid of eclectic music, Le Mystique is definitely not a bad scene." -Christopher Levine, Author of "Eclectiblogs-Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption" - Christopher Levine, Eclectiblogs-Weekly Meandrings for Music Head Consumption

Ultimate Music Mix

“Ultimate Music Mix is proud to present, Le Mystique this artist is a alternative/blues artist, a great sound with that deep voice that defines each song that is sung. We at Ultimate Music Mix likes the way the songs that Le Mystique sings flow with a great rhythm and blues sound.”

Culture Plus

“Jimmy Dukelow a.k.a. / aussi connu comme Le Mystique Lead Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums and Keyboards / Guitare, Chant, Basse, Batterie et Claviers; based in / basée en Sterling Illinois. Jimmy Dukelow began writing and playing music since he was 12 and his first published song “Angels, Roses and Stars” was in 1997. His music reflects a wide range of styles and with crisp lyrical guitar and keyboards sounds with vocals ranging from baritone and tenor to the falsetto, Jimmy Dukelow continues the exploration begun by Jim Morrison and the Doors into the concepts of mysticism and spiritual healing from within. Pink Floydian and Huguenot concepts also have strongly influenced his music. “The Path” with its sweeping beauty and poignant lyrics capture Le Mystique’s message completely. ”

Culture Plus

“Jimmy Dukelow a commence à écrire et jouer de la musique depuis qu'il a 12 ans et sa première chanson « Les Anges, les Roses et les Étoiles » publiée en 1997. Sa musique reflète un large éventail de styles sons de guitare et claviers lyrique et vif avec sa voix allant de baryton et ténor au fausset, Jimmy Dukelow poursuit l'exploration entamée par Jim Morrison et les Doors sur les concepts de mysticisme et de la guérison spirituelle au sein. Des concepts Pink Floydien et Huguenot ont également influencé fortement sa musique. « Le Chemin » avec sa beauté panoramique et les paroles poignantes capture le message de Le Mystique complètement.”